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Allinson bread launches new high fibre white loaf and rolls

Allinson, one of Allied Bakeries’ bread brands, has today announced the launch of a new £1m marketing campaign, including its first TV advertising in over 10 years, new product developments, a packaging redesign and a refreshed consumer website, which heroes the deliciousness of the products.

Promoting the “wholesome and hearty” qualities of the range and putting Allinson bread front of mind, the campaign of activity aims to
reinforce the brand’s values for baking wholesome and great tasting bakery products.

New product development

High Fibre White 800g

Placing the needs of shoppers at the heart of its new product development – Allinson identified that its consumers, typically female, +45, are striving to give their families great ta ting healthier eating options. Recognising this need, Allinson has launched High Fibre White. Looking and tasting just like soft white bread, Allinson High Fibre White is made from ultra-fine wheat fibre so, unlike other healthier white loaves, it contains exactly the same amount of fibre as wholemeal bread.

Available in an 800g format and available from January 2013, the new loaf aims to provide retailers with a unique offering and an opportunity to add growth to their bakery category.

High Fibre White and Wholemeal rolls

Allied Bakeries’ consumer insight also indicated an opportunity in the in-home lunch and evening meal market, so have launched exciting and innovative products to capitalise on this.

Allinson High Fibre White and Wholemeal rolls, are the perfect accompaniment to soups and salads or sandwich fillings. They are stamped before baking, making them easy to tear apart and are available in packs of four from February 2013.


In partnership with contagious content, Allied Bakeries is launching its first TV advertising campaign for Allinson in 10 years. The new 20-second advert features a mother and two children – with the mother and oldest child teaching the youngest how to pronounce the brand name ‘Allinson’. The ad is designed to build brand awareness and drive appetite appeal. It will highlight the latest product innovation from the range.

The advert will run for three weeks from 18 February – 10 March.

Chris Heyn, Group Brand Manager at Allied Bakeries said: “We’re really excited by the prospect of Allinson bread being back on TV after 10 years. Our aim is to remind consumers that we have a great range of products and bring Allinson to the forefront of consumers’ minds with a light hearted and fun advert.”

Allinson packaging redesign

Allinson’s new packaging, designed by Family (& Friends), reinforces its taste credentials, whilst making it stand out from other loaves on the shelf. The new packaging is bright, colourful, and modern, and has been rolled out across the whole range, including Allinson Wholemeal, Allinson Sunflower & Pumpkin and the new Allinson High Fibre White loaf.

Chris Heyn, (Group Brand Manager at Allied Bakeries) said: “The decision to redesign the packaging was driven by comprehensive consumer research, carried out by Allied Bakeries, which found that the Allinson packaging needed to better showcase the delicious taste of the range, while giving it more stand out on shelf. The packaging has performed really well in trials so it’s great to now see it hitting the shelves.”

Guy Shepherd, Category Director, Allied Bakeries, explained: “The healthier white segment, presents a huge opportunity, which is why we’ve invested in not only the brand but developing our NPD.

Our research shows that High Fibre White is seen as innovate and unique. There currently isn’t anything else like this being produced by any other major branded bread manufacturer and so it has a definite USP. We’ve had positive feedback from consumers who like white bread but who also want the health benefits of wholemeal, this loaf is genuinely new and different and will help to attract new buyers to the sector.”