Whichever of our businesses you’re interested in being part of, choosing to join a new company is a big decision. So, if you’re still unsure that we’d be right for you, here are some things to think about.

Our business

  • We’re a large, dynamic, ever changing business, creating amazing products and leading brands
  • We’re part of a large, diversified group, with a clear focus on the long term
  • We take our broader social responsibilities seriously

Our future:

  • We’ve ambitious plans to grow our business. We’re clear about where we want to go and how we’ll get there
  • We challenge ourselves to continually do better and stay one step ahead in a highly competitive market
  • We’re continuously improving the way we work and are updating and investing in our equipment and processes to take advantage of new technology

Our people:

  • Our values guide the way we work and our people are accountable and expected to make an impact on realising our strategic plans.
  • You’ll work with great people and we pay attention to their health, safety and well being
  • If you’re up for a challenge, you’ll love it here. Juggling priorities isn’t easy – we make things happen with energy and enthusiasm